Ring Finder Apps

I always want to try on different engagement rings and wedding bands, but the thought of wasting a salesperson’s time at a jewelry store makes me want to cringe.  I’m clearly not in the market for an engagement ring (already married), or to purchase a new band.  I came across a ring finder app on my ipad, though, so after checking it out, I decided to download a couple of these apps and review them for you guys.  The concept is actually pretty convenient- try on rings without bothering a sales associate.

1. Tiffany & Co. Ring Finder App

I tried this one first because it’s a premium brand, so I figured it would have some decent features.  The app is only an iphone app, but I found it pretty sufficient on the ipad, meaning that the quality was not noticeably distorted having it on the ipad rather than the iphone.  The app allows you to scroll through rings by shape, setting, metal, and design, and then to “try it on.”  The try on feature simply shows the ring on a hand in a picture.  In terms of seeing how one of these stunners would like on my own hand, I have to say the app failed.  It is a good app, however, for any Tiffany ring enthusiast.  You do get a sense of how big or small certain carat stones could look on a hand- just not on my own.  I agree on the three and a half stars that other users rated it on itunes.  Here are my screenshots from this app:


Not my hand, unfortunately.


2.  Diamond in the Rough Be Unique

In terms of function, this is what I wanted from the Tiffany app!  You take a photo of your actual hand, and then select rings to try on.  However, Diamond in the Rough is a company that makes jewelry using natural rough diamonds only.  So, no emerald cut goodies here.  Just beautiful natural diamonds, if that is your thing.  I love the function of the app, as well as the user friendliness of it.  Here are some screenshots from this app (on my own hand!):


I suppose there is really nothing like trying on engagement rings in person, but tinkering with these apps definitely made for an entertaining afternoon.

What are your favorite wedding apps?