Simple Discoveries

I was cleaning out a desk drawer at home the other day when I came across a receipt from my hairdresser.  Nothing out of the ordinary about that, right?  Then I saw the date: October 4th, 2008, and tears immediately came to my eyes!  It was the receipt for my wedding hair styling!  It was just a receipt, and I couldn’t believe how sentimental it made me, when our wedding date is on tons of other documents I can look at any ol’ time.

It reminded me of a story a minister told me of an old chest that his grandfather gave him.  Over the years, he collected different kinds of odds and ends that ended up in the chest, and when he looked through it a few months ago he found the receipt to his marriage license.  Along the same lines, except this year he celebrated his 50th wedding anniversary!

How incredible that the actual marriage license may not evoke the same feelings as the receipt.  The simple receipt conjures up the images of walking into the courthouse with your beloved, not yet married, but making the purchase of something official, signing your signatures, and then paying for it.  Sometimes those little details get lost in our memories, and it’s an incredible treasure when we get to suddenly rediscover them.