Something blue (and pink!)

A couple of days ago Heather and I were shopping for a gift for a friend at Tiffany & Co. when we came across a sweet display in the front of the store, presumably for Valentine’s gifts.  Of the small leather goods, we saw a couple of darling notebooks.

Check out the red and pink ones, that read “kisses” on the cover.

Tiffany & Co. Kisses Book



A perfect Valentine’s Day gift, especially with a love note written inside.

They also have another one, in the iconic Tiffany blue, that reads “something blue.”  This would make a perfect gift for a bride, and the “kisses” would be perfect for your bridesmaids!  The sales associate told us that when she got married last year, her husband gave her the blue one on their wedding day, with a letter written inside from him.  What a wonderful keepsake!