Something Blue

My sister wears a necklace that I’m obsessed with.  I can’t simply get over that she wears it- I have to mention each time I see it that I love it so much.

And then it occurred to me that it would be the perfect “something blue.”

It’s a very simple and elegant tiffany blue rosebud on a silver chain.  I’ve never seen anyone else wear it, although she purchased it from the popular store Urban Outfitters.  Check it out:

ahh!  I’m sorry!  That picture is so tiny.  Definitely go to and check it out!  Now.  I am so crazy about this piece of jewelry that I went to the shop to get one myself, and guess what they had?  A GOLD one with  BLUSH rose!  Perfect for me!  I love gold jewelry, and you know how I’ve been blogging about blush-colored bridal gowns.  So you have a few options here with this charming necklace: 

1.  Wear the blue one as your “something blue.”  Do this if you have other silver accents.

2.  Wear the blush one if you’re wearing a blush gown!  Make sure you also do gold.

3.  You knew I was going to say it:  give them to your bridesmaids as gifts!

Do you guys have any other “something blue” ideas that you think I’d love to pass on?  Or bridesmaids gifts?  Let me know!

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