Surprise Wedding Guest

Springing forward can often be such a nuisance.  As someone who is not a farmer, and is a mother to a toddler, it means an adjustment of epic proportions to get my daughter asleep at night before 10pm.  But I can’t complain too much, because with it brings the longer, lighter days.  Outdoor concerts, margaritas on a patio, and of course garden weddings full of flowers make my heart happy.

This weekend’s garden wedding had a special surprise guest:  Gibbs from CSI.  As an inside joke and surprise to his bride, the groom brought a cutout and placed it in the garden as a guest, so that she saw it only when she got down the aisle and turned around.  Her delight at her very special and famous wedding guest was a hoot, and everyone enjoyed taking photos with him.

gibbs csi wedding guest

***Edited to add the bride’s notes:

The cut out character is Mark Harmon AKA Leroy Jethro Gibbs from a long time running TV show called NCIS. I used to watch the show with my family growing up and when I moved into my first apartment, the first gift I was given was season 1 of the show to help pass the time. When I first met Duane and we were discovering mutual interests, NCIS happened to something we both enjoyed. We decided to start the show over from the very first episode and watch all the way through it, and have continued watching it to this day. The first episode was similar to the start of our relationship, we have watched the show ever since we have been together and we have grown with it. Mark Harmon is my favorite actor and we joked about inviting him to our wedding and if he could officiate, and all the other characters we could invite and what their roles would be. My husband knew it is something that would make me smile and really make the day ours. He printed it out on his own and kept in hidden with family until the morning of and brought it to the venue and worked with our wonderful photographer and you all with the perfect placement. He is in many of our shots and our guests loved posing with him and seeing him there. 
Thank you so much for letting my husband place him at the venue and let him be moved all around our event. Your venue and staff was sublime and I would highly recommend you to others tying the knot.

Photography by SD Photography

Comment below: what celebrity would YOU want to be surprised by?