The Chair

One of my appointments this week was with a bride who arrived organized and ready, armed with a bridal binder. These binders and books can be a super helpful resource as you’re touring venues, taking notes, receiving a bazillion business cards, and organizing creative inspiration that make up a wedding. I’ve seen these books and recommend them, but was surprised to see this particular’s bride book was composed of what looked like a homemade pinterest! It was a very impressive collection of photos on white pages, with notes, that really did resemble the ever-growing and ever-popular website. I spotted this cake photo, and mentioned how much I loved it. She then told me how she’s considering having her cake decorated similarly; but rather than the E.E. Cummings poem written on it, she was thinking the song lyrics of George Strait’s The Chair, because her fiance had proposed to her at the rodeo during that song!

If you were to have song lyrics on your cake, what song would you choose?




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