Top 4 Most Used Items From my Wedding Registry

Creating a wedding registry can be daunting; the sales associates will encourage you to register for what you love, you’re trying to consider what you’ll use, all the while keeping in mind your gifters’ budgets.  While I love putting Valentine’s Day flowers in our crystal vase, and delight in setting the table with our fine china at Christmas and Easter, they are beloved items that aren’t dusted off often enough.  I’ve been married almost 9 years, and these are the most-used items from my wedding registry. 

  1. Pots and pans. I didn’t always use these daily.  When we were first married, I tried my hand at cooking often.  I was a novice, but had cookbooks, great tools, and a hungry husband, so I really went for it.  When graduate school and conflicting work schedules interfered, cooking became less frequent as meals together did.  Fast forward to six years later, and with the birth of our child and a growing family, home-cooked meals are a budget-friendly necessity and reality.  I use my set daily to cook easy weeknight dinners, and can’t imagine what a hassle it would be to have to replace them one day.
  2. King size down comforter. Admittedly this was not on my registry, but the luxurious bedding was an extremely generous gift from a beloved friend, and it has been used on the daily!  When our marriage outgrew a queen-sized mattress to a king-sized last year (thank you new, bigger house!), our well-loved down comforter came with us.  They say to replace your mattress every eight years; I hope this doesn’t apply to down comforters because I will never be able to justify the price of a new one of this quality.
  3. Toaster.  As cliché as a wedding gift as it might be, if you don’t have one, you’ll need one.
  4. Good knives. Like the pots and pans, if I wasn’t gifted these good quality ones, I probably would have never made the investment on my own.  My set includes scissors, cooking knives, and steak knives, so they have been put to great use year after year.

I’d love to know: what wedding registry items do you actually use daily?