Venue Toast & Tour and April Fools’ Shenanigans

The Venue Toast & Tour last week was a success!  The brides had a great time and we are thankful to all of the venues and vendors that participated.  Executing a brand new event is a daunting task, and some really fantastic wedding professionals came together to make it a blast.  Be sure to check out The Woodlands Bride blog in the upcoming weeks to see photos and info on future tours.

I survived April Fools’ Day (mostly) unscathed!  It is a horrendous holiday, if you ask me (is holiday the right word?).  We had a phone call from a bride’s mother cancelling the wedding, only to hear back from her half an hour later apologizing, that her daughter had played a prank on her and announced she was calling the wedding off!  “She’s in big trouble,” the mother of the bride told me.  I bet!

Did you happen to see this yesterday?