Wedding Inspiration Boards

I remember in 2005 I was on a major HGTV kick.  I have no background in any kind of style or design, but each day I would watch professionals transform cluttered or empty spaces into magical places to live.  I noted an important tool of their trade, the inspiration board.  It was an actual board, with fabrics and tiles and photos pinned to it.  I thought to myself, when I’m a grown up and have my own home, I am making a kick-butt inspiration board and then my dream home design will follow!  Well, it was a lot harder than that.  And I never made an inspiration board.

As I began planning my wedding, I obsessively cut out photos I liked out of magazines:  dresses, favors, flowers, cakes, you name it.  I glue-sticked these on to a little notebook for ideas.  I didn’t realize I was making a mockup of an actual inspiration board.

Years later, I work at a gorgeous wedding facility and see online inspiration boards everywhere!  I wish I had even thought of using these awesome tools!  They’re on tons of wedding sites, and I LOVE looking up different ones.  There are so many out there, you can type in a color combo you’re thinking of trying or a theme, and there’s an inspiration board for it! 

Have you guys made inspiration boards for your wedding?  Whether real or virtual, I want to hear about it! 

Here’s a blush, pink, and black modern wedding inspiration board from