Wedding Registry Perspective

The other day I realized it was time.  Time to replace some things around the house that had been wedding gifts from my registry 7 years ago.  Namely, dish towels and bath towels.  Is that yucky that I had them for 7 years?

One of the mistakes I made with my wedding registry is I didn’t have a LOT of foresight.  Especially because my husband and I weren’t living together before we got married, I didn’t have a great sense of what I would need, so you’re kind of just picking out gifts for yourself that you hope will set up your home.  I wouldn’t say our registry was a complete failure; our well-used coffee maker went out after 6 years, and our flatware is still going strong.  My  mother even got me a baby set in the same pattern when I had my baby!

But two different kinds of place mats?

Cloth napkins with napkin rings?

We’ve been in our small home, sans dining room, for 7 years.  Maybe one of these days we’ll move on to a larger home, and I can throw dinner parties with cloth napkins. Until then, I need to buy some new bath towels.

wedding registry items

Our lovely Lenox Gilded Garden frame now has a home in our daughter’s nursery.