Wedding Webstops

I remember when a friend of mine first got engaged a few years ago, she was marveling that once she had a ring on her finger, she became part of a whole wedding culture that she didn’t even know had existed.  Once a person’s wedding radar is turned on, their lives become flooded with websites, magazines, shows, and open houses.  It’s not uncommon for me to see a bride write down her email address as “hisname&”  A whole separate email address is created for the event and all of the pertinent info and resources that need to be kept in order!

Here are a handful of wedding web stops I’ve made this week.

1. How to Be The Best Bridesmaid Ever.

2. This fernmoss basket from BHLDN would make the perfect flower girl basket for a garden wedding.

3. Lisa Eldridge gives us a tutorial for the Jessica Biel wedding makeup look.

4. Did anyone catch the Bethenny Show story about the 911 dispatcher who loaned her wedding gown in an emergency?  Hilarious!

Have any helpful wedding links you’d like to share?  Comment below!