We’re Seeing a lot of Rose Gold Engagement Rings and We Sort of Love it

We’ve worked in the wedding industry for a long time, and in that time we’ve seen a lot of amazing trends and traditions. And we’ve seen some pretty questionable ones too…

Yes! Please take your giant hand and smash this $500 almond and buttercream cake into my $150 airbrushed makeup while I’m wearing my $1,600 dress! What about this could possibly go wrong or make me go bananas?!

But if you’re planning on getting married and you and your soon-to-be fiancé are going ring shopping together, there’s a trend we’ve been seeing at SO many of our tours and events that you need to know about before you leave your house and head to the jewelers. Rose gold engagement rings and wedding sets are SO popular right now, and we sort of love it.

So rose gold isn’t a new trend regardless of what Apple wants you to believe.

Get out of here with your smug, non-helpful attitude, “Genius.” You didn’t invent rose gold specifically for the iPhone 6S.

It became a super popular choice for wedding rings in the late 1800s, and like all cool things like chunky Mary Jane shoes and chokers and New Kids on the Block, it’s back in fashion.

Rose gold rings. Ooh baby: Gonna get to you giiiiiiirllll.

The rings we’re seeing are beautiful and delicate. Here are some reasons you can’t go wrong with a rose gold set.

  • It will look beautiful on you – we promise. Rose gold is a flattering color for almost any skin tone. Don’t believe us? Try one on when you go out ring shopping and make sure you take a picture. They are SO stunning.
  • Rose gold is durable. It’s not as delicate as yellow or white gold. So you can keep up with all of your ninja and boxing training without having to worry too much about the ring!
  • They’re more affordable. Rose gold is a combination of gold and copper, so it costs less to make, which means it costs less to purchase. Which means you can spend more money on the bar!
  • There’s huge vintage appeal! Just look at this!
ZOMG. Did they find this next to the Titanic necklace? Because don’t give it back to Rose. She will straight throw it right back into the ocean and you will spend 30 minutes after the movie is over screaming at her.

So now you’re ready to go ring shopping – don’t forget to give these beautiful, vintage-looking rings a chance! Have fun, take pictures and when you do, share them with us on our Facebook page! We’d love to see them!